Lighting Control Systems

Set your home to comfort, our lighting lets you have security outside as well as inside. Illuminating pathways at night and giving it a lived in look when away. A convenient central location allows you to control and coordinate lighting and temperature.

Unico USA offers state-of-the-art lighting control systems for residential and commercial products worldwide. Unico offers integration solutions from simple lighting controls to powerful custom lighting, temperature, heating and cooling controls. 

Automated Lighting Control

What is it?
Good lighting is more than just an overhead fixture and a few lamps. The right lights in the right places make a room comfortable and functional and can create moods, just like you would with different kinds of music. With the right lighting control, you can easily create the right atmosphere for dining, entertaining, reading, or watching a movie by setting lights on, off, or at different brightness levels and recalling those lighting settings at the touch of a button.

Automated lighting control enables you to control your lighting system easily and, if you want, automatically.

  • Set lights or groups of lights to the brightness you want and activate the program with one button.
  • Integrate lighting control with other electronics in your home, so the lights will dim when you start a DVD or turn on when you open your garage door. You can even turn on every light in the house when your security system is activated.
  • Monitor and control lights in other rooms, so when you need to go downstairs in the middle of the night, the lights you need to find your way to the fridge can be automatically switched on.

How does it work
We will replace your regular switches and dimmers with ones that are able to receive commands from a master controller, but still operate like regular switches when you need them to. An input device, such as a hand held, tabletop, or wall mounted keypad, sends commands to the master controller, which sends signals to the lights, activating them just as you have programmed them.

Master controllers have a memory so that you can set a light or group of lights to particular settings, and then recall the settings for later use. You can even program lighting scenes to operate automatically to give your home a lived-in look while you're on vacation or ensure the lights are on when you get home after dark.