Sound Systems

Unico USA offer an integrated Sound Systems Installation Solutions for residential and commercial applications. Systems are designed for optimal sound reproduction for your Home, Office, Restaurant, Store, Hotel, Nightclub or other commercial application. We will take care of your project from design, to supply and installation.

Against a background of experience gained in creating high quality systems, our sound engineers are able to obtain the best sound diffusion using specialised speakers for individual applications. The objective is to a solution that will not just sound good, but will look as good as your business premises.

Sound equipment consulting and installation

Unico USA will recommend, supply and install sound system equipment. Will provide equipment for your home, office or business. Control panel allows the sound system to be controlled remotely from any location.

Unico USA will design a sound system to suit your exact needs and requirements. We can supply most brands of equipment at competitive prices. Ceiling speakers are more discrete than cabinet speakers, and are more suitable for certain applications.

The sound system design team can offer you impartial sound advice on your installation. An experienced sound install engineer will design your sound system for optimum stereo or surround sound reproduction. Our installation teams are fully trained in acoustic engineering, and will offer you advice on equipment, speakers, installation, and system design.

Our systems range from small installations in a home to large corporate projects which integrate with visual video systems. Every installation is individually designed to suit your environment, budget and needs.