Video Monitoring and CCTV

In the past for commercial business, today for the home. Imagine the comfort of your home or office  viewing your children while entrusted with a caregiver and checking in on an elderly relative while your away. Today this is possible.

Unico USA provides turn-key CCTV systems for commercial and residential environments. Our systems are designed to meet your specific requirements for surveillance, image clarity and event documentation. Combining the latest technology in DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) with cameras spec’d to your requirements, we can tailor a solution to meet your surveillance requirements and budget. 
Unico provides systems using the world’s finest technology. We represent Bosch, Pelco, Sanyo, Panasonic and GE Interlogics. Using best-of-breed technology, we are able to design systems that enable you to view, record and archive video images of your environment, in all lighting and weather conditions.

We can provide pan/tilt/zoom cameras for interactive surveillance. Our day/night cameras automatically switch between color and black & white to render to clearest images possible in low light conditions.

Automatic lens/iris features enable the camera to self-adjust to changing light conditions throughout the day. Our DVR components are able to record on motion, have specific areas defined, and even record events leading up to movement to give you a complete picture of the events taking place. Every system is tailored to the client’s specific environment by factory trained technicians.

Unico USA can integrate software and hardware technology enabling high quality, real-time video and communications over wide-area network IP connections. We provide fully managed digital video solutions that provide on-demand viewing of live or archived video direct connection through the Internet through the use of advanced compression software.

Through existing or new closed circuit television camera (CCTV) infrastructure, Unico offers full camera control plus secure and simultaneous viewing of video by authorized users.

Connection capability is supported over DSL, ISDN, Internet, WAN, or TCP/IP local area networks. A single static IP address is required for remote access through the Internet. Unico's surveillance systems are unique as they have the ability for the remote receiving station to be either fixed or portable. The ability to access the surveillance system using either personal computer (PC) or notebook computer allows the user real time access from anywhere in the world. The user can record, communicate and view actual real time events, as they occur, in high-resolution video.

Our systems allow a surveillance network to be run from either a central control room, or any remote location, as the software enables the user to survey images from any camera on a network, in any combination. Unico allows organizations to coordinate all surveillance from their headquarters or a central point.